Message from the President

We are going to strive for the creation of innovative services and products
in order to continue our work as a partner of our customers.

Tokyu Housing Lease started its operations in April of 2015 after integrating with the rental property business developed by the companies in the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group. We have since expanded the rental property management and operation business by utilizing the economies of scale and know-how of those companies obtained through the process of integration.

The current situation in the domestic property market is characterized by rapid changes including depopulation, falling birth rates, aging society, changing family structures, and globalization. Surrounded by these challenges, we are striving to create new innovative services and products in order to maximize the value of the owners' property, and also to be able to continue our work as a partner of our tenants, ensuring comfortable living spaces for them.

In October of 2016, we introduced our brand tagline "Use your assets to achieve your dreams with us." As the tagline implies, our principle is not just to provide housing and plots to our customers, but also to increase the value and expand the possibilities of the "assets" in order to help the customers fulfill the "dreams" hidden behind those assets. Through the team work of all our employees, we are striving to live up to the principle of the tagline by proposing ideal asset portfolios that include not only real estate but also financial assets, expanding our services through the cooperation with experts and businesses in other fields, and also by making our services more convenient through the utilization of IT technologies.

We are going to continue our efforts to create services and products that reflect the changes in the market and suit a large variety of our customers' needs. We want to be able to build a strong relationship of trust with our clients by ensuring they can "use their assets to achieve their dreams with us."
Tokyu Housing Lease would like to thank its customers for their trust.

President and Representative Director Toshihiko Kitagawa